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Brain Skills: How-to tips for ADD (ADHD)

Celebrate Your Talent

Celebrating is a skill that adults with ADD are often short on. They tend to have a negative image of themselves for internal reasons because they have difficulty realizing their own dreams and for external reasons because the outside world often gives them a negative image of themselves when they don't live up to expectations. Through my ADD coaching you will find your positive assets and learn how to celebrate them.

Tips for celebrating
Tips for an ADHD Birthday Party

Time Management

ADHD time management

Adults with ADD frequently have a diaphanous sense of time. The future is an unknown. The task of the moment no matter how inconsequential takes precedence over the critical appointment in an hour's time, so they are often late. As your ADD coach, I help you plan for the future by establishing a long term schedule and daily stepping stones to be completed, and I expect success.

Tips for time management
See time to Manage Time

Social Skills

The social skills which adults need for good relations with family, friends, neighbors and colleagues are learned at an early age. Faulty attention prevents children with ADHD from learning important rules of communication; they grow up not knowing what others take for granted. As an ADHD coach, I help you to learn vital social skills to heal damaged relations with family, friends and workmates.

Tips for everyday social skills


Organizing requires an ability to recognize categories relevant to the situation and to identify objects belonging to each category. An adult with AD/HD tends to see changing categories and irrelevant associations. Through AD/HD coaching, I can help you identify categories which are meaningful to you and help you develop a system to maintain order.

Tips for organizing everyday things
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Tortoise Organizing

Personal Awareness

Know Thyself: ADHD awarenessAdults with ADHD are often unaware of themselves. They don't know how other people see them. My role as your ADHD coach is to help you develop knowledge of yourself.

Tips for personal awareness

More about coaching:

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